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  Hello, My name is Atilgan Asikuzun. I'm a concept artist & illustrator living in the UK since 2020.
  I've started to draw since I was a kid. I also started to play video games and watch animation simultaneously. My love and passion have never changed since then. 
  I graduated from the university in the animation department in 2003, where I grew fond of animation and anime. I have learned the basic disciplines of animation, but my love for design and world-building pushed me to pursue concept art.
With 16 years of experience in the entertainment industry, I have worked on various projects like feature movies, TV series, adverts, and video games. 
    My roles have ranged from being a modeler, texture artist, storyboard artist, and matte painter, but I mainly focus on concept art and illustration.
    Currently based in the UK, I have had the privilege of working with esteemed companies such as Jagex, Matchingham Games, and DPS Games. 
   I enjoy playing video games, Dungeons and Dragons, and watching movies and anime in my free time. 
  Some of my professional highlights are:




You can contact me at


  • Semi-finalist Deviantart's Arcane_Idol competition - June 2020

  • Link

  • Gargoyle CDC Monthly Theme winner - June 2019

  • Link

  • 2nd place winner at Atomhawk Design's challenge - Sep. 2018

  • Link

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