Hello, My name is Atilgan Asikuzun. I’m a concept artist & illustrator living in the UK.

   I’m in the entertainment industry for 16 years having worked on movies, TV series, adverts, and video games.

   In my early career, I’ve taken various job titles such as modeler, texture, storyboard artist, and matte painter. While I’m not doing them anymore, I know how they think and that profits to my design abilities and having a better understanding of needed revisions.

     Some of my professional highlights are:



 I'm a guy who loves playing video games and watching movies and anime. I'm blessed with a sweet wife and son and love to make projects in my spare time. 

     You can contact me personally at asikuzun@gmail.com


  • Semi-finalist Deviantart's Arcane_Idol competition - June 2020   -Link

  • Gargoyle CDC Monthly Theme winner - June 2019                    -Link

  • 2nd place winner at Atomhawk Design's challenge - Sep. 2018   -Link